• Poitiers

    Poitiers, France .

    The Mac Bed Hotel is ideally located if you want to discover the city of Poitiers and the historical sites that are there: Romanesque churches, medieval streets and houses…

    Enjoy the trails leading to " le baptistère Saint-Jean" and " Saint Hilaire" , two of the oldest examples of religious art in the western hemisphere.

  • Futuroscope

    Futuroscope, Avenue René Monory, Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, France .

    Less than 10 minutes from the Mac Bed Hotel, the famous Futuroscope Amusement Park awaits you for thrills.

    Immerse yourself in the fun, fantastic and enchanting atmosphere of Futuroscope with its 40 unforgettable attractions made of sensations and emotions, for all tastes and all ages

  • Game Parc / LaserMaxxx

    15 Avenue de Châtellerault, 86440 Migné-Auxances, France .

    Leisure and sports complex in Vienna for all (elderly, adults and children). The Game Park allows you to enjoy a set of sports and games activities with friends, family or pros.

  • Chauvigny

    86300 Chauvigny, France .

    At 30 minutes from Poitiers, the medieval city of Chauvigny welcomes you with its various castles, tourist places and attractions. 

    You will discover among others: the medieval city, the Vélorail, the Collegiate Church of St Pierre, the church of Saint Pierre and the Ferme du Maras ...